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How do we know the after-life is real?

How do we know what happens after we die?
some say when they have been at near death the experience of leaving the physical body
and seeing white lights at the end of the tunnel.
Ever thought of reading about the possibility of life existing after death? as death is a concern for all.

How do we know that after life is real?
does life continue after we die as we know?
there are some that have been at deaths door and say they have seen beautiful gardens, living bodies and amazing buildings.

During out of body experience the soul, can fly free and meet loved ones who have passed away. As some people do communicate with the other side.

Souls we think, visit their loved ones on earth in dreams and visions, and all remains at how you thinks of the whole
scenario, for death could really be the beginning of another life, where green and flowry gardens are a common discription of afterlife.

The journey of the soul-what happens after we die?

Is it possible that at the point of death the soul feels no pain--when leaving the body many people feel light and free a sense of peace-a place where money does not exist, In Afterlife do we spend time looking at the life we had on earth? if so, you have to live a good life and die a good death. Some say we meet up with deceased souls who are familiar to us from our life on earth.

Unhappy people are people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and only you can change that.

Did you know that we live in a world of illusion
created by our thoughts.

Sometimes when you are desperate to receive a visit from a departed love one,
it really does not happen,why?
Maybe they do not belive that they can visit us, and not try.

Time as we know does not exist in heaven. Souls are busy learning their new life-and may not be able to get through to talk to us.

Our love departed can be very clever at telling us that they have a life in the afterlife, they may do it by leaving
or organising signs to say so.It may appear in your dreams, on paper,or any other possible way and when you least expect it. It may be a one off -or they may come on a regular basis. The most popular signs are butterflies and moths, or even flickering lights, or sometimes whispered words Are they really dead?, no way, how could they do all these things?
Although fear is a common state / feeling towards the unknown, we should try and not be afraid of a visit from our departed. Why be scared of a loved one? after all they are only trying to tell us that they are ok, where they now are

Their messages are normally the same and repeated over again.They want to tell us they still loves us that they are in a beautiful place, that they are  watching over us,and that they are there for us.


We all have problems in this earth life, and friends do not really always help, so they tells us that they are there for us. They may not be able to change things for us, but they certainly know what is happening and care for us.
Their messages are usually brief, consisting only of a few words.In reality,we still have to get on with our life on earth, no matter what. As our loved departed cannot solve our problems in our earthly lifes sometime there are no right or wrongs just a path we have to take.

Sometimes in a visit in one of our dreams it is possible we may feel a departed one, as an experience that feels real.

One of the main reason spirits visit us during our grief is to reassure us thay are ok. Some of us when we are greving are lost as we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and no one can really help hopefully only time will tell remeber the most important point of all of this - we do not stop loving someone just beacuse their dead.

Grief is very personal and no one can give the correct advice for a solution. Is grief is the price we pay for having loved someone? Remember! death comes, but love never goes away.

Bereavement is therefore a complicated issue-everyone is different - everyone has their own way of dealing with it - for some it may go eventually - for some it becomes part of them - it is all part of an emotional healing.
Some have said:- It is not how you die that counts but the life you have lived.

Would you believe that is possible to feel closer to someone after they have died than when they were on earth with us!

On many occasions we feel we need a little something to let us know that they are ok, that they hear us, that is why I say, talk to them whenever you want, as they are really still with you. Usually happens when we are depressed or distressed. Its how you have lived your life.
How do you ask your departed to come and visit you, simple- just ask them - talk to them via one of their photos or a piece of clothing and so on.

Some say that they appear behind a barrier that thay cannot cross they appear full or fizzy-sometimes surrounded by a white glow-and always in a very simple form or location like a fairly bare room.

Does the soul exist? scientist are still seeking for the truth, but why do we use the word? if there were no such thing.
Do you believe in reincarnation? the returning of your soul to earth through possibly many lives. It is a belief many of us in this earth world / life seem to have. Once more, remember love, for a loved one never dies.




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